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To help you understand the basic principles of renovations, director Kate Beeson has put together a series of educational articles to help you DIY your domestic and commercial interior spaces. Check back regularly to read the latest articles on topical subjects related to the building industry and design.

Research prior to renovating,using good trades people and open communication c   hannels lead to a less stressful renovation process.   hanels lead to a less sressful renovation process. 10 Hot Design Hints to Turn Renovation Problems Around. Murphy’s law states “anything that can go wrong will go wrong.” In the building industry, particularly where renovations are concerned this adage is often true. This article addresses how you can turn problems around or better still not have a problem in the first place. Remember, it is often not the problem itself but how you can deal with it that counts. Several things can help you deal with a problem. Read more.
Renovations when done well are extremely rewarding espicially if they appear seamless and blend the old with the new.and the new blends in with the old. 5 Frequently Asked Questions about Paint Colours for Renovations. Renovations are a great way to give a home or office a face lift without the hassle of moving and changeover costs. Often however, it can leave the areas that aren’t renovated looking worn out and tired.To prevent this from happening then. Read more.

11 Design Hints/Trends to help you plan your outdoor room. Australians are finding more & more the need to find quiet spaces to relax while entertaining family & friends.Due to this need the alfresco area is becoming more & more important in new building design & renovation. To find out more about design trends & tips for your outdoor haven then Read more.

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