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Hints & Trends

To help you understand the basic principles of interior design, director Kate Beeson has put together a series of educational articles to help you DIY your domestic and commercial interior spaces. Check back regularly to read the latest articles on topical subjects related to the building industry and design.

Bathrooms and kitchens help to sell a home. 10 Design Points/Trends to Relax and Revive Your Bathroom. Gone are the days when the bathroom provides just a space for functional use. After the kitchen, the bathroom is the most important room in the house. The trend now is to create a personal sanctuary where we want to spend more time having a relaxing sensory experience. Here are some tips as to how you can achieve this result. Read more.
Colour does not stand alone but is influenced by everything around it.   8 Ideas for Colour Choices in Your Home. Colour and how it affects us is  a topic that could take a lifetime to learn. I will give you only the very tip of the iceberg to consider when choosing colours for your home. Colour affects people physiologically as well as psychologically. A person’s cultural background, religion and history can also affect how they react to colour. Different colours have different associations with interiors so with such a plethora of choice what should be done in the home? Read more.
Where colour starts and finishes influences the whole overall look of a room. 10 Helpful Hints to Choosing a Paint System and What Paint goes Where. You’ve navigated your way through a myriad of colours and have finally narrowed it down to a selection that will work for you and your needs but where do you stop and finish colours and what type of paint do you choose where? Is there an order of procedure? Read on if you cannot answer these questions. Read more.
Use accessories such as floor rugs, art work and cushions to add wow to a neurta scheme.l 14 Easy and Cost Effective Facts That will  Help to Sell Your Home. In every sphere of life, first impressions are important. For example, a first impression can determine whether or not a resume will lead to a job interview, or whether the job interview will lead to a job and career success. This applies to real estate. That is whether or not a “for sale” sign will lead to an interested buyer and whether the interested buyer becomes the purchaser of the property. Read more.
To create flow consider the connection points between rooms and how they interact.  8 Ways to Create Flow In Your Home. Everyone’s eye interprets beauty differently. When you see it you will know because a beautiful interior lifts the human spirit. If you have walked through display homes you will know what you like and dislike. Keep reading to find some simple suggestions that can help create unity and flow in your home. Read more.

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